Economic Development

The City of Forest City activity works to increase economic development within Forest City and frequently partners with local entities such as the Forest City Community School District and Waldorf University to successfully complete community development projects such as the new Boman Fine Arts Center

The City frequently partners with Forest City Economic Development which functions, not as a City Department but as a separate 501 (C)(6). This strong partnership has resulted in many successful new and expansion projects such as: The new City Shed, Aquatic Center, and Westown Apartments, and Prairieview subdivision, and a new Cobblestone Hotel.

For City of Forest City economic development projects, plans and questions, contact Daisy Huffman, City Administrator at 641-585-3574 or    


For Forest City Economic Development projects, assistance and planning, see the website or contact Beth Bilyeu, Director at 641-585-5560 or at