Permits & Applications



Permits & Meeting Fees 


Beer & Alcohol Permits $75 Beer & Alcohol permits are completed online thru the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division website.
Board of Adjustment Meeting $230 Board of Adjustment Meetings are necessary when a variance is needed to build closer to property lines than allowed or when proposed buildings exceed size restrictions established by code.
Building Permit $35 An Application for Zoning Compliance Certification form is required if a property wishes to build up or out on their property.  This includes fences, signs, additions, larger outdoor sheds, etc.
Building Water Service $750 If a property wishes to be connected to City water service.
Cigarette Permits $75 If an establishment sells tobacco products, they are required to have a valid cigarette permit.
Outside Water Meter $25 If a property owner would like to add an outside meter that does run through City sewer, the cost is $25 to add this extra meter.
Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting $75 Meetings with the Planning & Zoning Commission are necessary if a property needs to be re-zoned for any reason.
Sanitary Sewer Service $50 If a property owner wishes to be connected to City sewer service, there is a fee of $50
Tree Planting/Removal Permits  0 When a tree is to be planted or removed within City right-of-way on a property, permission must first be obtained from the City Council.  There is no cost for this permit.
Peddler/transient merchant/solicitor

$15/day, $25/week, $50/1/2yr

Application is available at City Hall.

 PARKING permits and applications are processed by the Forest City Police Department - See this link or


 Permit Applications processed at City Hall