Pammel Park

  •        Location: In the heart of Forest City, just east of Highway 69. Entrances off Highway 69 and East J Street.
  •        Size: 34.9 acres
  •        Facilities: 2 lighted baseball/softball diamonds, playground equipment, bike and walking trail, Winnebago River water trail, low impact canoe/kayak access, Lions Club memorial shelter, butterfly garden, camping area, dump station, and disc golf course(Course Map). Public restrooms.  
  •        Location: Adjacent to the east side of Pammel Park and the Winnebago River. Entrance to Eastwoods Park is off East J Street (south side.)
  •        Size: 29.4 acres, wooded.
  •        Facilities: 2 playground areas, 3 gazebos, 2 grills, shelterhouse, and disc golf course.

Eastwoods (Clark Woods) Park

  •        Location: Use entrance to Eastwoods on East J Street (south side.) Follow trail approximately ½ mile.
  •        Facilities: Shelter House with water, electricity, restroom, 3-15’ picnic tables, fireplace, and playground equipment.
  •        Reservations are taken April 1 – September 30; contact the Forest City Parks & Recreation Department at (641) 585-4860 or visit
  •        Fee $25 per day for reservation.

Thomas Bearse Park

  •        Location: Entrance is off East J Street (north side), next to the Winnebago River, across from the entrance to Eastwoods Park.
  •        Size: 7.1 acres
  •        Facilities: Small parking area, picnic tables, gazebo, and sign commemorating Thomas Bearse as the first settler of Winnebago County.

Merrick Park

  •        Location: On Park Street.
  •        Size: 6 acres
  •        Facilities: 1 small slide, 1 large slide, 1 large climbing apparatus, 1 spring animal, 2 swing sets, 2 benches and 2 picnic tables. Shelter house with picnic tables and kitchen area.
  •        Reservations contact the Forest City Parks & Recreation Department at (641) 585-4860 or visit
  •        Fee: $25 per day for reservation.

Sunshine Park

  •        Location: north end of Gilbert Street in a residential area.
  •        Size: 1 acre
  •        Facilities: “Tot Lot” with playground unit, gazebo, playhouse, and swing set.

Rotary – Westgate Park

  •        Location: Neighborhood park located in the Westgate housing subdivision. Entrance is off Westwood Court and Westgate Drive.
  •        Size: 2 acres
  •        Facilities: Playground equipment, gazebo, basketball court, and several benches

Woodland Park

  •        Location: Neighborhood park located in the Woodland Housing Subdivision.
  •        Size: 1 acre
  •        Facilities: 2 picnic tables, 2 benches, play unit equipped with 3 slides, a swing, log roll, frog & squirrel spring rider, swing bench, & excavator.

Clark Park

  •        Location:  On Clark Street, across from Winnebago County Courthouse.
  •        Facilities:  Two benches, handicapped accessible walkways, two picnic tables.

Boman Park

  •        Location: John K. Hanson Drive across from the Waldorf College football field.
  •        Facilities: Sand volley ball courts,  tennis courts, two benches, handicapped assessable walkways, two picnic tables, basketball net and public rest rooms,

Founders Park

  •        Location:  Secor Avenue and Hwy 69.
  •        Facilities:  One picnic Table and a grass area for picnics and play.



Nearby Parks:  Pilot Knob State Park and Thorpe Park